Enjoy Tasty Festive Treats at Belgian Christmas Markets

If you’re thinking about escaping the hustle and bustle of home for a festive break, why not consider taking Christmas holidays by train? On this kind of trip you can explore the colourful Belgian Christmas markets, which offer a fantastic range of delicious food and fabulous gifts for friends and family.

One of the best things about this type of break is that you’ll be able to get away from all the stress that inevitably surrounds the Christmas season. Rather than jam-packed shops and long queues in heaving cities, you will be able to enjoy picturesque markets and a happy atmosphere.

And by taking escorted rail holidays, you’ll find that you can relax from the moment you set off. Your tour operator will sort out all the details of your journey, such as connections, meaning you do not need to worry about a thing. So, you can simply board the train and relax all the way to your destination, arriving refreshed and raring to see and sample the local fare!

Belgian Christmas markets are known for their fantastic food and you’ll find this is the case no matter which you visit. From speciality beers and chocolates to delicious soft, sweet waffles, you’ll find there is something to tickle the taste buds of everyone in your party.

So, where are the best places to visit for Christmas markets? The country is home to markets of all sizes, from small affairs with just 30 stalls to sprawling events coming closer to 200 vendors. If you’re eager to visit somewhere a little more intimate, why not head to Bruges?

This beautiful destination is sometimes referred to as the Venice of the North – a title it owes to its canal network. The Christmas market here is gorgeous, lit with fairy lights and filled with the aromatic scent of mulled wine.

Here you will be able to peruse around 30 traditional stalls, selling enchanting Christmas gifts and delicious food. Indeed, sampling some of the local delicacies is an absolute must during your trip – and you’ll find that there is something to suit all tastes.

And once you have recharged with some of the speciality foods on offer, why not have a go on the seasonal ice rink? Little ones could find this especially exciting – but adults are sure to love it too!

If you’re eager to see a little more of Brussels during your trip, you’ll find that there is plenty of beautiful architecture to be seen, while you can also continue your gastronomic odyssey in one of the many local restaurants.

At the other end of the scale, you can travel to the Christmas market at Liege, which is the biggest in the country. Comprised of around 180 stalls, here you’ll have the chance to explore incredible food and fantastic presents to your heart’s content. The market here stretches between the Place Saint-Lambert and the Place du Marche – and you’re likely to find you could spend all day perusing the pretty wooden cabins!

Alongside the impressive market is the city’s lively nightlife – something that those keen to let their hair down a little on their festive break may be particularly eager to experience. There is a great selection of pubs and bars open until the early hours, so don’t forget to check them out if you have the chance.

Brussels also offers an excellent Christmas market and you’ll find that you can continue sampling the country’s wonderful cuisine here. This location is perhaps a special treat for beer lovers, who will be able to taste brews here that they will not find anywhere else.

Those with something of a sweet tooth might prefer to try some Belgian waffles or traditional chocolates during their trip.

And while you’re there, why not visit the impressive Grand Place or explore one of the city’s intriguing museums? There is even one dedicated to the nation’s comics.

Christmas rail breaks provide wonderfully relaxing and fun festive holidays, whether you’re travelling with friends, family or your partner. And by visiting Belgium’s Christmas markets, you will get to experience a wonderful seasonal atmosphere as well as taste a range of local delicacies. Meanwhile, you may well find you get much of your Christmas shopping done too!

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Choosing An Adult Assisted Living Facility

One of the most difficult elder issues involves where and how to get assistance for living activities as we begin being unable to care for all our needs personally. Sadly, the issue is so hard that many of the elderly don’t deal with it until they have little or no choice. Like any other major life issue, if you plan for living assistance in advance, the transition is much easier when the time comes. Even more sadly, money is often the only criteria many use for choosing an assisted living facility. Whether you have money, carefully planned, are making the choices for yourself or not, this article should help you choose the right care, in the right location, with the right quality of care, with the right reputation, at the right price to meet the increasing needs of you or a loved one.

Type Of Elder Care: Caring for the elderly is about meeting the current needs and providing for future needs. While a nursing home is for advanced needs or to recover from injury or surgery, assisted living is the focus of this article. This is where some of the activities of daily life (cooking, cleaning, dressing, etc.) have become too difficult to perform but you’re not in need of round the clock professional nursing. Living facilities range from Independent apartments to lock-in Alzheimer and Dementia care. If you’re still able to come and go, cook, etc. but want other Seniors to socialize with, there are apartments that include maid service, cafeteria and recreation. Probably, the most common assisted living arrangements include meals, cleaning, dressing, medicine dispensing and monitoring as part of the standard package.

Residential Senior Housing Location: After you determine the type of care you’ll need, the next most important thing is the location. If you will live near a city with a hospital, there are usually a large variety of Senior homes to choose from. They will range from private homes with 4-6 rooms for residents to multi-level care facilities with hundreds of rooms and staff members. The most important thing when choosing a location is to be close to the person who is supervising the care (usually a younger family member). It has to be convenient enough for frequent visits at all times of day and night. Certainly within a 30 minute drive from home or work. Once you know the area you’re looking for, search the yellow pages, the internet, the newspaper, ask friends and neighbors, even drive the streets building a list of potential senior homes. Then, don’t call for an appointment…that’s what they expect.

Before Contacting The Providers: Before you contact anyone for a scheduled tour, you need to do your own inspection. Drive around the building or walk around, looking for things that are sloppy, unmaintained, etc. Ask some of the neighbors what they can tell you about the home. Look around the neighborhood to see how it feels. Walk into the building as a stranger, to see if anyone challenges you and to see if there are any care issues you can spot when they didn’t know you were coming. Make notes! Now, you’re ready for the first appointment.

Caregiver appointment: The larger ones will probably feed you with the residents, show you the activity areas, give you a copy of their calendar and introduce you to the residents they know will tell you positive things. Ask to go where they’re not taking you…the kitchen, the dispensary, etc. Stop and talk to the residents who are frowning. Get permission to interview other residents and family members when you’re not under escort. Find out the legal name of the person or company that owns the facility. Get the standard pricing range. If you have a few assets, and a retirement income, money should not be an important issue. If you are required to find care on the Medicaid budget, you can ask at this appointment if they can provide care under those terms. Tell them you’re going to be investigating them and ask if there’s anything they’d like to share about incidents your investigation is likely to reveal. Make notes!

After The Appointment: Schedule interviews with a few tenants at random. Research the facility and it’s owners at the state licensing board, county courthouse and on the internet…make notes! Those homes that seem to have a lot of negative stuff you can write off. leaving, hopefully, 3-4 candidates to finish the process with.

Evaluation Appointment: The final step in the selection process is where the staff nurse evaluates the potential resident to determine the level of care they need and if the facility can satisfy that need. After this step, you’ll get the final picture on the availability of rooms and the price for care. Again, if there are a few assets and a retirement income, money should not be the deciding factor in care choices. It is foolish in the extreme to scrimp on care just to leave money to your heirs. If they love you, your care is the most important…not your money.

I know it’s hard work going through this…almost as hard as buying a home and just as important. Hopefully, you now have a few new ideas and tools to make the process a little less difficult. One final note. It’s very difficult and painful for someone who has been independent for so many years to start depending on the care of others. Expect to experience severe grief, even depression during the transition. Sometimes, knowing these feelings are normal can help you adjust.

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Experience South Africa With the Luxurious Blue Train

South Africa’s rich cultural history and diversity make it an exciting place to visit for any traveller. Those looking to experience the country’s highlights in true style should consider escorted tours that include travelling on the Blue Train.

The Blue Train is not only a luxurious mode of transport; it is also virtually a holiday in itself. With its focus on high-end, luxury travel, the train boasts fine dining in restaurant-standard surroundings, 24-hour service and copious entertainment facilities.

Upon arrival in Cape Town, those on tailor made rail holidays can enjoy exploring the city while staying at its five-star Cape Grace Hotel. Those on a tour will be able to spend a day at the glorious Cape Point at the Cape of Good Hope.

After arriving at the Cape, groups of holidaymakers and single travellers will enjoy a journey on the Flying Dutchman funicular – so named after the ghost pirate ship said to haunt local waters. From the zenith, you will be able to see breathtaking panoramic views.

From here, visitors can travel on to Boulders Beach – home to South Africa’s only indigenous penguin colony and therefore something of a must-see for those in the area and a sure-fire hit for all ages.

Upon return to Cape Town, there is much to explore before the next stop-off on the tour. Those keen to experience the city centre will be able to see some excellent local cafes, shops and markets – the last of which can be especially colourful, such as the Adderley Street flower market.

The following day sees a trip to the famous Stellenbosch vineyards for exciting tours and tutored tastings of the produce of the Fraschhoek and Stellenbosch valleys – a treat for wine enthusiasts particularly!

After returning to Cape Town adventures on the Blue Train begin. Famed for its luxury, this method of transport provides as much opulence and guest care as any hotel. Each carriage has a 24-hour butler, meaning assistance is never far away, while each cabin’s bed transforms into a sofa perfect for watching the sights go by.

Dining is a real experience on this locomotive, with adults required to dress formally for the occasion. The dining area rivals any restaurant in its smart and sophisticated decor, setting the scene for a truly special repast. Sourcing produce locally and using only the finest ingredients, the Blue Train promises excellent dining alongside award-winning wines.

The first stop on this decadent journey is the village of Matjiesfontein, an area which dates back to 1884. The region is famed for its historical buildings, which were restored to their former glory in the 1970s. Following on from this restoration, the site has become a National Historic Monument.

Upon re-boarding the train, it’s full steam ahead to Pretoria, the country’s administrative capital. The city is particularly rich in historical and cultural importance and is famed for being the place of imprisonment of Winston Churchill in the second Boer war, as well as being a symbol of peace following on from the first non-apartheid regime of Nelson Mandela.

The area has lots of tourist attractions, such as its nationally preserved forts from the aforementioned war. Although many of these were destroyed at the time, there are several more intact which allow visitors a good insight into their former structure.

From here holidaymakers will be able to journey to the final stop-off on their tour – the stunning Kruger National Park. During the visit, you will be able to enjoy early morning safaris allowing you sights of some fantastic creatures, such as lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and buffalos – simply the perfect finish to this tour of Africa.

If you would like to see some more animals following your early-morning safari, lots of colourful birds and smaller animals are easily spotted throughout the park at any time of day. The park is also home to a spa and swimming pool, which provide the perfect setting for relaxation before your journey home.

Experiencing South Africa on the Blue Train is the ideal choice for a luxury visit to the country. Amalgamating lavish surroundings, cuisine and treatment with iconic South African sights and experiences, no one will fail to be captivated by their trip, which will provide unforgettable memories.

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Sexual Positions – There Is More Than One You Know

Your 5 times a week gymnastic ritual in the bedroom has dwindled to a once a month fumble with the lights out. Where did it all go wrong? Can it be put right? All relationships need a little injection of spice to keep the fires burning. Our sexual position suggestions are far more modern than the Kama Sutra and you can be sure you won’t have tried them all before.

SUDOKU STYLE: Do positions 1 to 9 from the Kama Sutra without duplicating any number in her box.

ENGLAND STYLE: Cover their face with the Union Jack and think of England.

PAINTBALL STYLE: From a distance, using your weapon of choice, fire random blobs at her.

BLACK WIDOW STYLE: A lot of fun but someone gets killed.

MCDONALD STYLE: Scream “I’m lovin’ it” whilst probing her McFlurry.

GARDENERS STYLE: Plant your seed and watch her belly grow.

SAS STYLE: Hide naked in a bush and catch her unawares.

CONTORTIONIST STYLE: Get as much of you as you can in her box.

MADONNA STYLE: Stick 2 ice cream cones on your breasts and act like a virgin.

MATRIX STYLE: Simultaneously jump into the air and try to copulate whilst in mid air. Best done in slow motion.

HELICOPTER STYLE: Paint the letter H around your lady bits and watch as his chopper comes in to land.

DOUBLE BAG STYLE: Put a bag on her head and a bag on your head in case hers comes off. Great for women pulled whilst wearing beer goggles.

DOGGY STYLE: Grab her leg and rub yourself up and down it until you reach orgasm. Best tried whilst she is asleep.

FAT WOMAN STYLE: Roll her in flour and look for the wet bit.

SUN BURN STYLE: Only the genitals can touch.

KNITTING STYLE: In, over, through and off.

HOKEY COKEY STYLE: In, out, in, out, then shake it all about.

HEALTH AND SAFETY STYLE: Both put on safety goggles, illuminous jackets and gloves and attempt to gain entry without injuring yourselves or steaming up your goggles.

TRAMPOLINE STYLE: Bounce alternately. He lands first in the sitting position and woman lands on top aiming for penetration.

UNDER TRAMPOLINE STYLE: Usually follows after the previous position fails.

ARMY STYLE: Get her to clean your weapon using only her tongue and an electric toothbrush.

PINATA STYLE: Get them to hang off a tree whilst you poke them.

SAFE SEX STYLE: Both lie there, not touching each other and just think about what you could be doing if you weren’t so safety conscious.

STAR WARS STYLE: Launch a surprise attack from behind.


PRISON STYLE: Drop the soap in the shower and stuff a flannel in her mouth.

007 STYLE: Choose your woman wisely as she will be dead tomorrow.

ESSEX GIRL STYLE: Get the woman to wear white stilettos and say “you can see my kebab”.

ESCORT STYLE: Kissing is not allowed, however licking and touching of each others private body parts is absolutely fine.

DIY STYLE: Usually carried out alone.

FRIENDS REUNITED STYLE: Do it with old friends and then don’t see them again for ten years.

DIETERS STYLE: Everything looks and feels as normal but doesn’t taste quite so sweet.

AMERICAN STYLE: Do it whilst eating burgers.

DELIVERY DRIVER STYLE: You wait patiently all day but he still doesn’t come.

BANK STYLE: Low interest means withdrawal likely.

DRIVERS STYLE: After 10 minutes of huffing and puffing she says “are we there yet?”.

BARBIE AND KEN STYLE: Attempt intercourse without bending your arms or your legs.

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE STYLE: Suspend yourself from the ceiling by a wire and attempt intercourse without waking her.

ALIEN STYLE: Use your probe.

NINJA STYLE: She will never know you were there. Useful if you wouldn’t even touch the sides.

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Adult Film Star – Sex & Stamina Secrets Revealed

During the course of researching our book we talked to a male escort and adult-film stars. We were trying to ascertain what it takes to be able to perform sex multiple times in one day.

One thing that makes a man sexually powerful is his ability to be multi-orgasmic. For women it is a simple process, for most of them; but it’s rare to find a man, especially after the age of 25, who can perform these functions.

From the information we gathered, it wasn’t due to the “blue pill,” or some type of stimulant, though many men think that this is how these men “prop-up” their abilities. It was due to other factors.

One important factor was that they had to believe that they could perform this way. That was a necessary hurdle, to realize that it could be done.

Diet was especially important. These men ate plenty of protein, grains, and vegetables. They didn’t eat junk food or fast food, and didn’t drink soda or take alcohol. They drank mainly water. They supplemented their diets with things like amino acids and zinc – supplements that aid in increasing the amount of seminal fluid. No smoking.

Exercise was important, too. A cardio-vascular program, as well as weight/body training. Especially the back muscles, buttocks and leg muscles, and abdominal muscles. If these muscles are so weak that they are drained during one sexual workout, it makes sense that the muscles will be too weak to perform any time soon.

Strengthening the PC Muscle(s). These are the muscles that make up the lower girdle of the pelvis and are one important factor in maintaining an erection and creating an erection. They also are related to the cremasteric muscle, which is important in testicular strength and regulating sperm temperature (sperm are very temperature sensitive) by raising and lower the testicles. For instance, when you get in a cold tub of water, your testicles will shrink up and bring the testicles closer to the body – this is to keep the sperm warm.

These are some of the basic factors if you are interested in having the ability to perform like an Adult-Film Star. It is part of our IRON MAN PENIS program, designed to help men make an Iron Man out of their sexual system.

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The Benefits of Stainless Steel Roller Chains

Typically, roller chains can be found in a lot of mechanically powered systems. For instance, you can find them in a number of environments like automotive industries and agriculture systems. Examples of automotive industries they are used in are bicycles and motorcycles. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at some of the common benefits of roller chains made of stainless steel. Read on to find out more.

Rollers chains are also commonly used in conveyor belts and many other industrial assembly environments. Aside from this, you can find these systems in many other environments too.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Roller Chains

Although these products are made of other metals as well, stainless steel is the most common one. This is because this metal offers a lot of benefits. Some of them are listed below. Please note that this list doesn’t talk about all the benefits the unit offers.

Food Applications

Stainless steel roller chains are quite popular in the food industry for many reasons. One of the main reasons is that the steel offers immense strength unlike other metal types you can find and use.

Therefore, products made of this metal can withstand even extreme conditions. Another good thing is that it’s much easier to clean. For instance, in an environment where food packaging, processing and handling is done, you may need to clean the chain more frequently. This is what makes these roller chains a great choice.

Temperature Resistance

Another great thing about these roller chains is that they can work fine even if you place them in an environment where temperature exceeds 400 Celsius. In the same way, they won’t stop working even if you use them in a place where temperature drops below -20 Celsius. This is what makes it an ideal choice in environments that are not good for other metals.

Corrosion Resistance

They are also corrosion resistant even if used in acidic or alkaline environments. In many industries, these roller chains are used either in alkaline or acidic settings. This is why they are preferred in a lot of industries. Aside from this, it offers quite low magnetic permeability. Therefore, we suggest that you opt for them instead of other options out there.


Another good thing about these chains is that they are heat treated for a lot better temperature resistance. Plus, they are put under a lot of stress for testing purposes to reduce the chances of stretching issues or premature leakage. So, as far as safety is concerned, this is the best choice you can take. They can save you a lot of money due to their long lifespan.

Long story short, these are some of the most common reasons why these roller chains are quite popular these days. Although they can’t be the best option for all types of applications, they can work well in many environments. Therefore, if you want to opt for them, we suggest that you give them a go. You won’t regret your choice.

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